Righteousness, benevolence, honor, glory, knowledge, curiosity, wanderlust, ambition, treasure, revenge – we all adventure for different reasons. But whatever our motivation, where we move, the world bends around us. Adventurers change the world.

The guild was founded by adventurers and is made up of adventurers. We support each other and compete against one another. In these halls, we rub shoulders with gods as we strive to become ones ourselves and stand on the shoulders of those who came before. People know who we are and seek out our aid. We respond to the most worthy, the most interesting, the most notorious, and the best-paying.

We accept all applicants who survive their first adventure and we have very few rules. We do have a few, however:

  • Play as a team. We must be able to trust one another implicitly. If you betray a guildmember, you become an enemy of the guild.
  • Fulfill your contracts. The guild has a reputation to uphold.
  • Don’t get caught. We have no particular aversion to thieving, pillaging, piracy, or murder, but if you get caught, don’t come home – no one wants to hire a thieve’s guild.

Building a Character

Pathfinder Adventurer's Guild

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