Tier 2

Tier 2 is where adventurers start to make a name for themselves and have honed their skills to a point beyond mere competency. They have likely seen enough of the world to have formed founded worldviews, but a major event could still have them change their perspective.

Tier 2 spans from level 4 to level 8. If you are familiar with other d20 games (Dungeons and Dragons, KOTOR 1 & 2, and others), you could probably start here without much of a problem. Don’t forget that if the choices seem overwhelming you can usually ask your GM for help (or google if they are busy/mean). At this point the Martial/Magic curve starts to even out, though in longer days the casters may still run out of spells.

Tier 2 adventures may start to involve events that may effect larger regions (states, small countries, major cities) and have lasting effects on the setting they take place in.

Characters in this tier: Robin Hood, John McClane, Spartacus, Gimli, Dick Tracey, Indiana Jones

Tier 2

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