Tier 3

Starting in Tier 3 things start to get serious (typically). Characters in this tier can wield a lot of power, and the rules start to change. Lower powered super heroes, Jedi whose name you never learned, and the top mortal gunslingers would all fit in well with this tier. Adventurers in this tier have almost certainly earned a good bit of respect and acclaim (unless they were actively trying to conceal their actions/identity) and can expect to be facing more difficult challenges.

Tier 3 spans from level 8 – 12. At this point the Martial/Magic Curve is going to tip in the favor of magic unless the martial character is built particularly well. Newer players will have to really study their character sheet to be able to keep the game moving.

Adventures at this level may start to include threats that come from beyond, demons, devils, powerful magicians, or vast armies. Of course while bigger might equal better on ocasion, there is no reason a more focused adventure couldn’t be run for this tier, and may be a great way to keep the roleplay in the roleplaying game.

Characters in this tier: Batman, Legolas, Harry Potter (book 4), A Power Ranger

Tier 3

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